An Overview to Ask.LibreOffice.org and Bugzilla Twitter and Planet TDF Accounts -2

As you may already know, we have connected Ask.LibreOffice.org, LibreOffice Bugzilla and TDF Planet to their own twitter accounts and streaming the updates… In my previous post[1] i tried to explain the model and pointed how we could benefit social media.

Now, nearly after five months and monitoring the activity of this streams, i can easily say that this model is working and we enjoy the benefit from twitter. Despite of having limited followers we have satisfying clicks per post.

If we can increase the number of followers, which also builds our user network in social media, i think we can enjoy great statistics and this will naturally increase of responses on questions on ask site, triaging newly submitted bugs and increase the audience of our TDF Planet.

Well, lets see the numbers. In order to compare you may see the first post here: https://blog.bluzz.net/an-overview-to-ask-libreoffice-org-and-bugzilla-twitter-accounts/

LibreOffice Bugzilla Account:

Stats for last 30 days are as follows

Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November
Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November

As you may see the account has 90 followers, in previous stats we have only 65. In daily average we have 10-43 posts with 49-156 clicks.

The geographical distribution seems heterogeneous than the previous stats.

Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November -2
Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November -2

Lets see post/click ratios

Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November -3
Bugzilla Stats as of 13th November -3

It seems that we have about 1.000 more clicks than the previous stats with a good click/post ratio 3.8. It means that 1 new post is seen by nearly 4 people. It is a good number to confirm a bug/triage.

In my personal opinion, 90 follower is still a low number. We should go over 250. If we can make it, we may have the possibility that the bugs may have a shorter response time.

Ask.LibreOffice.org Account:

Stats for last 30 days are as follows

Ask.lİbreOffice.org's stats as of 13th of November -1
Ask.LibreOffice.org’s stats as of 13th of November -1

In brief, ask site is our main portal of in means of user support. And it has a great importance on user cooperation. One of the key points of this twitter account is the increase of the attention on ask site and poke users to answer the newly submitted questions. Having a shorter response time or even just a response(unanswered questions reduce the user satisfaction) is really important for us.

As you may see in above stats we have about 147 followers, we had 30 more followers than July but it is still a low number. We should focus on increase the followers of this account. because ask site is one of the easiest ways to contribute to LibreOffice as helping others and answering  the questions mostly on moderate and daily usage of LibreOffice.

We have about 4-24 questions with 16- and 103 clicks around it.

The geographical distribution seems more condensed on North America and Europe. Also India and New Zealand(probably English influence) are increased.

Ask.LibreOffice.org's stats as of 13th of November -2
Ask.LibreOffice.org’s stats as of 13th of November -2

If we look at the clicks/posts ratio:

Ask.LibreOffice.org's stats as of 13th of November -3
Ask.LibreOffice.org’s stats as of 13th of November -3

We see that total number of clicks, posts and clicks per post ratios are increased. This is pleasing. We may say that a new question is seemed by 5 person. Which can improve the response time and he chance to have an answer.

But as i said above we should go further, having about 500 followers will be great here!

TDF Planet

Well, this is our newest account which streams TDF Planet’s new posts where you may grab the latest news and developments about LibreOffice from the first source.

This account is only two months old and has relatively small followers but numbers are satisfying.

TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1
TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1

At the moment, 57 followers, about 0-8 daily posts and 1-49 clicks through.

Geographical distribution:

TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1
TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1

And click/post stats:

TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1
TDF Planet stats as of 13th of November -1

Seems good for the beginning 🙂


After five months -simply multiplying the clicks by five- it seems that this accounts are making a good job, driving traffic, keeping attention etc. And they proved their benefit to LibreOffice community.

The mail goal is to increase the followers of this accounts. We are a large community and we must increase the bonds cross the contribution channels of LibreOffice. We are more than that but we still need more inclusion.

We have not a professional social media team, but we can do more with little effort. So i will hand over this accounts to suitable people in Ask team and QA team. Not much-needed just some social media stuff like replying mentions, searching some LibreOffice tags and driving people to ask site or Bugzilla to solve their complains etc.

We should not forget that people needs attention. Microsoft Office has this point. Also i do it in LibreOffice Turkey’s twitter account. For example a user may be complaining or may be angry about LibreOffice, a simple reply “Hey, sorry for your probs, let’s ask it to our forum… We should do our best to help you, etc” makes great difference, it changes people to about to swear to be sorry and be friendly…

No need to be a moderator, you may do this by your own as a community member. Just search for LibreOffice – or in your local language like “LibreOffice lang:xx” change the xx to your language shortcode than see that what people are talking about 🙂

Well, in short we need more promotion for this accounts.

If you have twitter, please  follow and promote(#ff) this accounts!

LibreOffice Bugzilla:


TDF Planet:

1- https://blog.bluzz.net/an-overview-to-ask-libreoffice-org-and-bugzilla-twitter-accounts/


An Overview to Ask.LibreOffice.org and Bugzilla Twitter Accounts

Social media is great for communication and interaction. Besides its personal usage it is widely used by many of NGO’s and other communities. Communication and connection provides many benefits.

From the focus of free software, it is generally used to feed the news about free software, but can it be used as a production channel for free software? Surely it can!

The first example of twitter is included in the freesoftware development environment that i know was the Pardus GNU/Linux Bugzilla account. Pardus Bugzilla was aimed to feed the new bugs to its followers and drive contributors to the submitted bug to triage. Shortly it was a good tool to use, drive traffic and had a great work to keep constant attention to newly submitted bugs. The second was the account created for LibreOffice Commits, which aims to show the development and the code!

Getting inspiration from this, the idea came and that we decided to use twitter for LibreOffice Bugzilla and LibreOffice’s question/answer site Ask.LibreOffice.org! On 15th of  May we have opened two twitter accounts for Ask.LibreOffice.org and LibreOffice Bugzilla. The aim was simple, getting advantages of social media and gathering constant attention to LibreOffice’s development and support channels.

LibreOffice Bugzilla:


I am quoting my mail to the list about the reasons behind this accounts

The goals of having this accounts are:

  • To keep more attention on questions and bugs
  • Make community contribution process more social
  • To poke/ ping community’s members and asking for the minimum contribution that can give constantly
  • Spread the questions and bugs to their networks to find answers as soon as possible which will increase the possibility find the person whom has the answer
  • Make our ask and bugzilla more open to the community and increase the number of persons(not regular contributors)

Well, there is also reasons under the “What current situation misses” questions:

  • Having lots of bugzilla mails is not for ordinary community members, people does not want their inbox is filled with bug mails which most of them are not in interested. But twitter  streams are different, it comes and passes through no rubbish left there. Trying to confirm
  • bug is generally a simple work to do, we can involve more people(other than the regular  bugbusters) to have with this feeds.
  • Visiting ask site is not a practical exercise made every time, or getting feeds from Google Reader is not practiced by everyone, but most people use social media actively.  this means more eyes will be on ask and bug sites constantly.
  • As said above, having constant attention for this sites are not possible for passive contributors
  • There is no chance to spread the questions through LibreOffice related networks. But  with this accounts, the followers will generate a core LibreOffice network which will be feed through this accounts.

I hope that this accounts will help to decrease the unanswered questions in the ask site and activate more members to help triage bugs in bugzilla.

Development and contributing to free software is a matter of social interaction and based on communities self motivation. Keeping constant interest in active channels is the key point. Though we decided to gather our active community members in social media and create a new channel which drives people to bugzilla and ask site continuously.

Now, after two months, i wanted to share the statistics and how this model helped.

Lets start with bugzilla account:

Stats for last 30 days are as follows

Bugzilla Stats Overview
Bugzilla Stats Overview

As you may see, the account has 65 followers, with 12-54 post by day and earned 38-65 clicks. This is just the range data. Lets see the geographical distribution:

Bugzilla Geographic distrubution of clicks
Bugzilla geographical distribution of clicks

USA has the maximum click number 211,  and color scale is divided in 6 pieces and countries with less than 35 clicks are not marked. As the gap gets grater other countries are now shown in this recent map, but as far as i know from the beginning, distribution was wider among other countries. And map was more colorful. You may see that there are many clicks are not shown above.

Lets see the post/click stats for last 30 days:

Bugizlla post/click stats
Bugzilla post/click stats

Feeds streamed 928 posts which includes new bugs and fixed bugs. The number of clicks is 2.287 which is a remarkable number. And the average rate is 2,5 click per post.

I consider this as additional traffic, with this account we managed to earn 2,287 clicks to bugzilla in a month! If this account was not created, i think most of this traffic cannot be created!

Well, this was with only 65 followers, imagine that this account reaches to 150 followers. The return will be very good! Of course the quality of this traffic(goal conversion) may not be managed by statistics, but at least we have more eyes on the bugs!

Lets look to Ask.LibreOffice.org stats

Stats for last 30 days are as follows

Ask.LibreOffice.org Stats Overview
Ask.LibreOffice.org Stats Overview

We have 115 followers, and the feed streams between 5-22 posts with 22-101 clicks. This account has more followers because it is not a specialized area like bug triage and quality assurance,. More -regular- users can enjoy ask.libreoffice.org by answering questions and helping others.

Lets see the geographic distribution:

Ask.LibreOffice.org Geographic distrubution of clicks
Ask.LibreOffice.org Geographic distribution of clicks

As i explained above, the scale is large :(, countries which have clicks under 35 are not highlighted, so map is not very colorful… Again USA gets the top with 217 clicks in 30 days.

If we look below we will see total clicks and they would make more sense.

Ask.LibreOffice.org post/click stats
Ask.LibreOffice.org post/click stats

This feed only streams the new questions. 350 question is asked in last 30 days and 1,285 clicks earned by this stream, which gives the ratio 3.7 per click! Which is a great number too!

If we do not have this feed, many question may still be waiting for answers! 1.285 views is a great gain i think. Personally, i had followed this stream and answered 6-7 questions in last month. If the feed was not on my eyesight in twitter, like i used to, i had been visiting the ask site 2-3 times in a month and probably no answers.

115 followers is not bad for the beginning, but we can do better, if we can manage to increase this number, promoting this account among users etc. ask.libreoffice.org will gain lots of traffic, short answer times, various answers etc.


I think this two accounts made a good start, with limited followers, the return is good. The potential of this accounts may be higher than expected. And future official forums (if happens) may also enjoy twitter’s benefits too.

TDF’s twitter account and LibreOffice’s protected account may be more effective, like Microsoft’s Office account. But needs additional manpower too.

If you liked the way of this new channels, please  follow and promote(#ff) this accounts!

LibreOffice Bugzilla:


Additional reading:

The Social Side of LibreOffice by Charles Charles-H. Schulz: http://standardsandfreedom.net/index.php/2013/06/30/social-libreoffice/


LibreOffice Soru/Cevap sitesi ask.libreoffice.org açıldı!

LibreOffice ile ilgili soru sorup cevap alabileceğiniz platform http://ask.libreoffice.org/ açıldı. Henüz daha kullanım için ince ayarları yapılmamış durumda ve yapılacaklar listesinde bir kaç iş bekliyor.

Bu soru cevap sitesi, Ubuntu kullanıcılarının bildiği http://askubuntu.com/’a benzer bir yapıda, kullanıcıların -nasıl yapılır gibi sorularının diğer kullanıcılar tarafından yanıtlanmasına imkan veren özelleşmiş bir portal.

Ask.LibreOffice.org Çok dilli bir platform olacak, fakat Türkçe çevirileri maalesef %33 seviyesinde.

Özgür yazılımların yaşadığı en büyük çeviri sorunlarından biri, bu tür yazılımların çevirilerini vakti zamanında birilerinin kendi siteleri için yapmaları ve genel ifadeler yerine kendi sitelerine uygun şekilde ve kalitesiz bir şekilde bu çevirileri manüple etmeleri.

Maalesef bu nedenle, Askbot çevirileri pootle’a aktarıldığı haliyle kelimenin tam anlamıyla berbat halde. Ubuntu’da çok güzel şekilde işleyen http://askubuntu.com/ platformunu örnek alırsak, bu portal LibreOffice için de çok faydalı olacaktır.

Bu nedenle bu çevirileri de en kısa zamanda bitirmemiz Türkçe konuşan LibreOffice kullanıcıları için bu imkandan faydalanmaları adına çok önemli.

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