Pardus 2009.2 Geronticus eremita is Released !

Pardus 2009.2 Geronticus eremita
Pardus 2009.2 Geronticus eremita

Official release announcement from Pardus-Announce Lists .


The second update release of the Pardus 2009 family, Pardus 2009.2 is
released !

* Multilanguage installation image:


* Turkish and English installation image:


* Live image:


Users of 2009 and 2009.1 releases will automatically update to 2009.2
with the updates of tonight.

Newest member of Pardus 2009 series comes with advanced driver support,
enhanced desktop environment and updated versions of the packages
in our repositories, providing enhanced stability, performance, easily
installable environment with thousands of opensource software.

One of the highlights of the new release is the latest stable version
of KDE version 4.4.4 and Qt 4.6.2, coming with many bugfixes, new
Netbook mode, new features of Plasma system and many more.

Firefox 3.6.3 to safely browse the Internet, Gimp 2.6.8 for graphical
work, OpenOffice.org “the” office suite, programming systems
like Python 2.6.5 are only a few of the updated packages of the new

New generation PiSi and Package Manager now works much faster, with
new features like grouping packages to update, ability to work on
different desktop environments with the same GUI without the need of
KDE system or libraries.

Our latest tools plasma-runner-pisi allows users to easily find and
install packages from KDE plasma runner. Just bring up the applet (by
pressing ALT-F2), run a command, if the command belongs to a package
that is not installed in your system but belongs to a package in
repositories, you will be prompted with an option to install the
Package, which will do everyting about installation automatically.

With this release, Pardus International ISO, with the addition of
Turkish language and many packages, is almost 1GB in size and can be
used by burning on a DVD or put on a harddisk like media like USB

Pardus ISO files are generated as Hybrid Images. The same Hybrid Image
can be burned to a CD, DVD or dumped to a harddisk like media, like a
USB stick. More info can be found in the README file next to ISO images.

For a smooth Pardus experience, please verify the checksum of the ISO
files after you have downloaded, and if you will burn the images to CD,
use quality CD’s and burn the CD in DAO mode with 16x speed.

Pardus Team would like to thank you all who has supported Pardus

Onur Küçük Knowledge speaks,
<onur.–.-.pardus.org.tr> but wisdom listens


10 Reasons Why Pardus is the Best Linux Distro !

  1. It has the fastest and easiest installation process !
  2. It has a unique user welcome,and first settings tool KAPTAN !
  3. After the first steps,the whole desktop environment is ready for your use,a great selection of various software,which are bundeled only in a 700 mb CD and there is no other match around other distros !
  4. All codecs are locked and loaded for your personal and professional use for media and ! No efforts needed,just enjoy !
  5. It has the fastest KDE4 environment,and comes with the best widgets and Google gadgets support are ready for use on your shiny plasma desktop !
  6. It has the revolutionary Package Management System called “Pisi”,it is clear,easy to use and installing packages has never been so easy. Package repos are fulfilled with the first class software with the best selection. And the best thing is you wont loose yourselves in strange junky and meaningless repos which have multiple pre-historic versions,clones and ignorant dependencies. Just browse the categories and understand what is the “Simple” in a sophisticated universe !
  7. Need cutting edge versions of software, just add the “test repo” and get into the front line of mighty open source software !
  8. Do you want to see some management tools,which are purely written by Pardus developers,see the “Managers” in your system settings ! Pardus has is own “Rock-Solid Firewall”,and a Solid “Firewall Manager” as it has the Network Manager,and also its Intelligent Display Manager which detects your graphic card and installs the drivers for you,and also History-Manager(a time machine for package management) and a Service Manager which has a shiny plasmoid for your plasma and many others with many “and also”…
  9. It has a great “Look&Feel”,which consist of splash screens for various software as Amarok,OpenOffice,Gimp,Digikam and others and it has its own themes for Grub&Grub Splashes, a various selection of wallpapers its own Icon Theme sorry themes; “Tulliana and Milky” both are unique,and various implementations on KDE visuals.
  10. It has the futures tech,which you will not imagine for decades,like Google’s future tech, you do not need an anti virus, Pardus has its own protection and destruction technology which prevents not only from possible attacks but also destroys the possibility of the purpose of the unwanted situations by its powerfull and secret weapon,KNAZAR !
Pardus 2009 and KDE Software Complation 4.3.4
Pardus 2009 and KDE Software Complation 4.3.4

Those were the” only 10″ reasons why you should use Pardus GNU/Linux !

Just Google it, or see the links below: